May 3, 2017

How I Extra Life

Today I feel like talking about how I Extra Life.

Extra Life is a tremendous gaming nonprofit, the proceeds from which directly benefit hospitals in the children's miracle network. Most of the donations are garnered during the annual, 24-hour gaming marathon that usually takes place in November.

In celebration of finally purchasing a headset for my phone with an actual pop filter (maybe you'll actually be able to hear me now), today I'm talking about my favorite ways to pass time during the Extra Life marathon.

The Daily Commute Podcast/Vlog-Thingy #9

Really, though, I'm sort of starting fresh. I've got the new microphone, I'm primarily embedding MixCloud, and physically I'm moving to Lawrence.

Let's call all daily commutes prior to this a sort of preseason, or pilots.
This is, officially, the Daily Commute #1.