May 9, 2017

YouTube Gamer Tropes - Good Or Bad, They're The Norm

There are a billion gamers who make digital videos (primarily on YouTube). The majority of them follow a few specific tropes.

This one came off more negatively than I really wanted it to. It's not that these tropes are bad; I completely understand why they're done. Still, I do believe that there is an optimal video format for my viewing preferences that certainly does not include several of these tropes.

When recording, I didn't even remember some of the big ones!
  • Just a couple of buddies having fun playing games.
  • Showing the video game collection in the background.
  • Consistent news- or opinion-show setups.
  • Nostalgia, nostalgia, nostalgia (I am into retro gaming, after all).
  • A billion more things, I'm sure, if I were smart enough to consider them all...

Daily Commute #5