Aug 29, 2017

ThanksGaming Day Dinner, Raffle & Game Party

My wife and I have decided to host a ThanksGaming Day party to raise money for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals via Extra Life! The goal is to involve 25-30 people and raise around $700.

The cost is a $25 donation to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals via Extra Life. Only 25 seats are available! Your reservation isn't confirmed unti your donation is received!

Your $25 gets you a T-shirt, dinner, (cheap) wine and beer, games and contests, one ticket for the Sonic the Hedgehog quilt raffle, and one ticket for the private raffle!

Message or email me schaller.shawn@gmail.com for reservations and questions!

Other Notes:
- Toddlers are free but won't be entered into the raffle, receive a shirt, or drink our booze! :)
- Parking might be a pain; we'll get you more details upon reservation!
- Our house is small, too, so I hope you don't mind getting cozy!

For invitees (we're slowly-but-surely spreading the invitations), you can also see the event details on Facebook.

If all goes as planned, we'll raise more than $1500 on the year for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals, specifically St. Francis in Topeka, Kan., via Extra Life. I'd say that's a good year, considering my wife and my goal for the year was a meager $500.