A little too much about me...

I'm an idea guy by habit. Most of them are pointless, but I enjoy indulging them anyway.

I'm a communicator by trade. Both my education and profession have done nothing but reaffirm my passion for communicating in all mediums.

Most importantly, I'm a husband, son, sibling, and maybe even future father before all else. Also, you might notice I like talking (writing) about myself.

Early Life

I was born and raised in a happy, empty little farming county in rustic South-Central Kansas. It's the kind of place that the world seems to have outgrown. I really should get back more often, even though I've never been much help on the farm.

I didn't leave until college. I attended the University of Kansas, which I loved so much that my wife and I recently moved back. My basic college breakdown looks something like:

  • Bachelor of Art in Spanish - Language and Literature (2008-12)
  • Bachelor of Science in Journalism - Strategic Communication (2008-12)
  • Master of Science in Journalism - Digital Content Strategy (2016-17)

Professional Life

To this point, I've worked in the Payless ShoeSource Corporate Headquarters in Topeka, Kan., and the Westlake Ace Hardware Corporate Headquarters in Lenexa, Kan.

I also had an interesting handful of adolescent and college jobs that are just fun to mention:
  • Farm hand (on a couple different occasions)
  • Nursing home maintenance staff
  • Concrete/construction laborer
  • Steel pulley factory laborer
  • Grain elevator seasonal staff
  • Local weekly newspaper columnist
  • Resident Assistant
  • Security monitor
  • Media firm (radio stations) intern
  • Recreational softball umpire
  • Student journalist for an NSF grant-funded institution
    (my personal favorite of the list)
  • And probably more I'm forgetting.

Personal Life

I got married in 2012 to my wife, best friend, partner in crime, and fellow dog-owner. Fortunately they're all the one, same, beautiful person (Heather).

She just finished her apprenticeship as a funeral director, and accepted a full time role at Dove Cremation and Funeral Services in Topeka. She's also a gifted seamstress and quilter; I plan to dedicate a page to her hobby soon. We live together with our basset-lab mix, Charlie, in a cute little house in Lawrence, Kan.

Heather's parents live in Wichita, Kan., as does her one younger sister. I have four siblings, somewhat spread around the state, who have produced a grand total of four adorable nephews to this point. My parents live near St. Leo, Kan., in the same house they've occupied for nearly 40 years.

Other Stuff For Which I Have No Designated Place

I like hobbies. To be more specific, my favorites are:
  • Video games
  • Collectible sports and trading card games
  • Harry Potter media in any format
  • Being bad at rec sports
  • Garage sales
  • Attending KU football games
Finally, here are a few more things for no particular reason:
  • Dogs over cats
  • Pizza purist (keep your nasty pineapple away)
  • Dr. Pepper (no substitutes) over booze
  • I like the name Henry, but my wife doesn't
  • College sports over pro
  • Dragon Quest is the  video game series
  • I love collecting media in compilations, anthologies and sets
  • Hugs and secret handshakes, please

That's me in a nutshell. If you made it this far, you deserve some type of achievement sticker.