The Cause

Don't support me; support something better!

I don't use Patreon, paid subscriptions or ads in my work.
All I want is to attract attention to Extra Life, and maybe raise a few donation dollars in the process.

Every dollar raised by Extra Life goes directly to hospitals in the Children's Miracle Network. It's used however is necessary by the hospitals to help as many young patients as possible.

The donation widget is on the right side of this page. If you donate digitally, you'll be asked if you're willing to pay an additional small processing fee. If you accept this and let me know about it, I'll reimburse you myself!

For more information about Extra Life and the Children's Miracle Network, use the following links.

Extra Life

Children's Miracle Network

There are numerous other great charities in the gaming and entertainment industries as well. I completely encourage you to do your due diligence while you consider giving back. Check out Child's Play and these other great options.

One of my goals is to procure partnerships.
Getting sponsors to help me host or attend events, spruce up the blog or podcast, and simply participate in the philanthropy would be a dream come true. Great partnerships would be a tremendous boon to the success of this campaign.