The Stream

Sometimes I livestream the games I play on Twitch. I also breathe heavily while I do it, and typically don't show my face. That's partially because streaming games gets me very excited, but mostly because I typically ride an exercise bike while I play. (It's entertaining, and I recommend trying.)

Anyway, here's my fairly neglected Twitch Channel.

I entertain myself on my long daily drive to and from work by talking about the things that entertain me; games, ideas, ideas about games and more! I don't really have grand goals for this; it's just a nice way for me to brainstorm out loud for this website and campaign.

Here's my podcast on PodBean, which may be worth a listen if you'd like to laugh at my embarrassing (lack of) audio skills.

Speaking of things I neglect, I also have a channel on YouTube (that's primarily a dump bin of raw game footage from livestreams and podcasts). I'm also active on a slew of social media sites, which you can find on the Contact page.