The Stream

I've always wanted to host a talk show about fun and games, so I'm testing the idea on Twitch. I'll start with one show on Saturday, Dec. 2, and if I don't hate it, I'll try another next week!

Sometimes I simply stream on Twitch, too. I do this as an aside while collecting gameplay footage. You (thankfully) won't get my voice or face as I prefer to ride my exercise bike and watch TV while gaming.

Anyway, here's my fairly neglected Twitch Channel.

Speaking of things I neglect, I also have a channel on YouTube where I archive (read: dump) Twitch videos and a MixCloud page (below) where I'll stash the audio-only podcasts. Don't go digging too deep for anything; I'll try to make it all accessible via this page.

I'm also active on a slew of social media sites, which you can find on the Contact page.