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Blog content is the core of this website and campaign.

Writing, recording, and just generally creating blog content is something I really enjoy. Producing regular content is also how I intend to attract traffic to this website. It's still early and ideas are still developing, but here's a little of what I've got so far.

The Daily Commute Podcast
I started a new job and now have a longer commute to work. I pass the time by recording some audio on the road. This podcast comprises the majority of my recent content.

I currently record from my phone directly to SoundCloud because it has a very useful app. However, SoundCloud has a storage limit. Fortunately, MixCloud has unlimited storage and allows easy content imports from SoundCloud (but unfortunately has neither direct-record or download capabilities).

I'm looking for a better way to directly record to and permanently store podcasts to a single medium. Podbean looks like a good option, but what I'm after would require the $9/month plan. Something free would be ideal.

Here's the current, full Daily Commute Podcast playlist from MixCloud.

Video Games
While I love games and hobbies as a whole, video games are my favorite subject matter. They're involved in nearly every podcast and article on this site.

I don't make them as frequently as I'd like, but I do publish some videos to YouTube and Vidme (I even published my podcasts there for awhile) and occasionally even livestream to Twitch.

My wife is awesome, and she's also a seamstress and quilter. Take a look at some of the video-game-themed (and other-themed) stuff she's made.

This is my catch-all for anything moderately serious, relating to this website's growth progress, focused on Extra Life, or of a subject matter I might post to LinkedIn.

Everything Else
I'm always mulling ideas for new content types and topics. Also, I felt like I needed a place to post a link for literally all my content.