The Stream

I've always wanted to host a talk show about fun and games, and I'm fiddlign with the idea on Twitch. It's tough to dig up the confidence to get started, though; what can I possibly offer to the digital universe that will be interesting and entertaining enough to merit an audience?

Sometimes I simply stream on Twitch, too, though you won't often see my face or hear my voice while I do it because I typically ride an exercise bike while I play video games (and it's not a pretty sight). Anyway, here's my fairly neglected Twitch Channel.

Speaking of things I unintentionally neglect, I also have a YouTube channel (below) where I archive Twitch videos and a MixCloud page (farther below) where I occasionally stash audio-only versions of my videos. I'm also active on a slew of social media sites, which you can find on the Contact page.