This is my personal website and the digital embodiment of my love for fun, games, and entertainment! 
This blog and my numerous previous attempts have seen many overhauls and face-lifts, but the underlying purpose - and my personal passion - remain the same; to bring joy to myself and others. This website is a portfolio, a blog, a diary, a cheap therapist, a creative outlet, a photo album, a place to show off my family (and dog) and more, so the content here is eclectic, to put it nicely. This page is something of a hub to help organize my thoughts, and I recommend you also visit wifecraft (a brief introduction to my wife's crafty talents), the extras (my failed attempts to build digital presence) and, of course, the blog.

I'm the one on the right, of course.
The Fundraising Campaign

This site is also the home of my fundraising campaign for Children's Miracle Network Hospitals. 
Nearly 10 percent of American children are treated in a CMN Hospital each year. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, CMN has raised nearly $6 billion in its 34-year existenceand is almost 90 percent efficient with your donations. It's this stellar history of success and effectiveness that makes me proud to direct my efforts toward CMN. After raising more than $1500 in 2017, my 2018 goal is simply to create enjoyable opportunities in which people want to give and participate. Aside from fundraising, this site offers a teeny tiny little platform via which I can raise a little awareness, too.

I'm in no way an official representative of CMN and cannot possibly do the organization justice. If you'd like more information, I recommend you try a few of these links.

I can't think of a better cause to support.
A Little About Me

Here's a lot about me personally, here's my professional resume, and feel free to dig through my various neglected social media outlets for even more (if you're a glutton for boredom). I think what's most important to know is that: I come from a big, wonderful family in a small, rural Kansas town; my wife Heather, my dog Charlie and I lead a very charmed (albeit somewhat impermanent) lifestyle in the middle of America, and; I've never really been able to settle on a smaller subset of hobbies or creative outlet, and am therefore eclectic and spread thin in my spare time. In short, life's pretty exciting.

Here's most of the crew holding relatively still for a pic.