Extra Life is the opportunity to bring serious purpose to fun and games.

Buying, playing and talking about games takes a lot of time, energy and money. Expending those resources feels a lot better when it's done for a good purpose. Cue Extra Life!

Extra Life is a nonprofit that gives all its proceeds directly to hospitals in the Children's Miracle Network. It's primary fundraiser is the annual 24-hour gaming marathon; Game Day 2017 is November 4!

I'm launching a digital campaign to fundraise for Extra Life and the Children's Miracle Network year-round. Games fuel the content that drives traffic to this site, and in turn familiarity with Extra Life. Then for the marathon I'll celebrate with 24 straight hours of more games!

Read more about Extra Life, the Children's Miracle Networkthis campaign, me, or everything I've made so far. I also host a podcast on Podbean that I call the daily commute. Finally (and most importantly), you'll find the donation widget to the right.

Regardless of what you do while you', thank you for your visit to this website!