A Short Bucket List

This was originally posted here on my previous blog. As a side note, I did actually achieve my No. 1 goal of purchasing a Japanese PC Engine Duo RX, and I absolutely love it.

Image result for pc engine duo rxIt's usually good to have a plan. In the case of luxury and leisure, it might be naive. I'm planning anyway, and these are a few dreams I have, starting with the nearest chronologically:

  1. Within the next half year, I want to buy a Japanese PC Engine Duo RX. It's tempting to think small - get the R, 3-button controller and generic cables loose to save $100-$150 - but if that's $400, what's another $100 to have essentially the best PC Engine CIB?

    Once upon a time, I sold a Turbo Grafx 16 with the Turbo Booster add-on and some games. I only regret it slightly; the original system hardware/build are mediocre, and the CD attachment fragile. The US versions of these are also scarce and pricey.

    The PCE Duo RX just feels like the most cost-effective, complete PC Engine experience; it's durable, has the 6-button controller, and plays JP Hu Cards and PCE CD's from any region!

    For extra reading, this gem was surrounded by the forgettable Super Grafx and PC FX. Enjoy.
    The PC-FX... basically a crappy computer.

  2. Within a year after that, I want to settle into a nice, simple, long-term home, and get comfortable with my wife to prepare for our family... and for the next things on the list.
  3. Shortly after moving in, I want both main TV's side-by-side in the family room, and to build a strong PC to output to them. From the couch, I'll operate two flat-screens with one wireless mouse and keyboard.

    I'm actually happy with my old laptop's specs/potential. Maybe I'll just adapt it to a second output, up the ram and video card, and save a few bucks. Then I'll have more money to look into "reliable transportation," which should probably also be on this list by this point.
  4. Once we've gotten comfy, I want to casually pick up some light eletrical/computer engineering skills. Nothing serious; just enough about PC's and game consoles that the kid(s) we'll want to have around this time grow up thinking I'm smart.

    I have this weird dream sometimes where I get so good at modding that Gamer's HQ officially hires me as a completely-unpaid apprentice, which I'm happy to accept.
    They'll hire me because I had a cool dream, right?

  5. When I turn 30, I want a custom, fancy-looking retro gaming cabinet.

    Picture a 3-foot center section for the TV, hookups, and storage above and below. There are 1.5-foot sections - a single column of shelves to store systems - on either side. This is all concealed by a pair of 3-foot sliding doors.

    The outermost section on either side is be another 3-footer, essentially 2 bookshelves for games. Now pick a game, slide the doors open (covering the outer game shelves, revealing the TV and consoles), plug in the right console and have a blast!

    The outer 3-footers aren't as deep as the rest (due to the tube TV), an opportunity for concealed storage on the sides - fold-out chairs, TV tables - and a secret door or two behind the games!
  6. Sometime after that, help my wife buy and operate a business! I'm not sure how or when, or even how it relates to my hobbies (will grieving people play games with me?). Still, it's an important dream, so I'll worry about details later.
  7. Dream up other dreams, because now I'm out.