Introduction Biography

The following is the week one introductory assignment, a short personal biography, for Journalism 868: Information in Context.

I’m an enigma, a balanced conglomeration of imbalances, more like a nine-of-all-trades than a jack, and an unacceptably cryptic hand gesture in a game of paper-scissors-rock. I’m indescribable – every time I think I’ve got myself pegged, I learn something new about myself – but I’m going to try anyway.

The whole undecipherable phenomenon that is me began on Nov. 19, 1989, when I became the fourth of five children to James and Cynthia Schaller. I was raised near a town in rural Kansas smaller than most malls, but despite my disdain for large crowds and traffic have always eyed the city life. Lawrence wouldn’t qualify as a city to most people, but attending the University of Kansas gave me my first taste and I loved it. After graduating with bachelor’s degrees in Spanish and Journalism, got a job with Payless ShoeSource, married my beautiful wife Heather, bought a house in Topeka and, to complete this picture of the American dream, got a dog named Charlie. This is where things get interesting.

Having so much more freedom, free time and disposable income than ever before taught me a lot about myself. Some of what I learned includes:
·         I love videogames, but hate the large expense and playing games online;
·         I love sports, playing games and staying in shape, but am completely unathletic, non-competitive and I hate formal exercise;
·         I love large, spacious yards and rooms, but hate cleaning and mowing the lawn; and
·         I want to be an internet celebrity, but don’t like promoting myself.

Now I’m getting my master’s degree (to take care of all that pesky spare time and money) and am closing in on five years of professional experience. While I haven’t completely figured myself out yet, I’m looking forward to learning more during the next step of my life when I put all this experience and education to good use.