PCE Works & the Value of Support

Thank you PCE Works for supporting me in my website and campaign for Extra Life and the Children's Miracle Network! Whether it's a nod on social media or a gift in the mail, every bit of support means a lot to and motivates me to keep going, so I very much appreciate yours!


While working on the final project for my master's program, which I recently completed, I realized the importance of the role participants' supporters play in nonprofit success. It reinforces positive ideals and enables motivation, and is the key to any individual's philanthropic longevity.

What I'm getting at here is that I'm really grateful for PCE Works' gesture, as well as any positive gesture made in support of my passions; it's part of what keeps me going.

PCE Works is an organization dedicated to preserving the memories and games of the great PC Engine (TurboGrafx-16). I recommend reading more about the group, and even signing up for the newsletter.

If you don't know much about PCE Works or the PC Engine, you're in luck, because I fully intend to set up shop in Gamer's HQ (my most-often-mentioned supporter, for whom I'm extremely grateful) someday soon with the system and limited library of games I do have to let people try it out (in exchange for a recommended donation to Extra Life, of course, and maybe an additional donation to get me to stop talking).

I look forward to this event, to purchasing from PCE Works, and to forging many more great new relationships over the common bonds of fun, games and good deeds.