Testing Out Twitch

I've livestreamed on Twitch before; my channel is neglected, but it exists. I have confidence issues doing things that I can blatantly see so many people doing far better than for which I can hope.

However, I think it's important to my campaign and personal goals that I learn how to and at least attempt to stream effectively. It's simply too large a part of gaming culture to ignore.
Here are my attempts at streaming on Twitch (exported to YouTube). If you don't like streamers with composure, structure, and high-quality production values, you're in the right place.

The showings were pretty rough. The broadcasting software I use, OBS, has a brand new interface, this was the first run from my new home, and I have some new equipment to boot. Heck, I didn't notice until I finished the first video that "optimizing" my video had shrunk it down to about 66% of the screen. It also goes without mentioning that personality can't be taught; tough luck for me!

However, I had fun trying, and doing so while playing games I was going to play regardless. That seems like a prime opportunity to try.

If you're curious, I was playing Rock Man (Mega Man) and Summer Carnival '92 Alzadick, two PC Engine Super CD-Rom games I got from PCE Works. It seems like a really nice organization, and I encourage you to check it out if you're interested in the Japan-flavored PC Engine console!