ThanksGaming Day Dinner & Games Info

Would you like to hear some unnecessary details about the food and gaming portions of our ThanksGaming Day Party?

First things first, we will have free booze for you! It will probably be of the grocery-store-wine & 3.2% beer variety, but we'll make sure we have plenty! At the end of the evening, the remainder will be raffled off to participants still present!

We're not settled on exact dinner items yet,  but we're leaning toward party-style and winter weather foods, such as chili, mac'n'cheese, nachos, etc. We're currently exploring whether to cater or cook it all ourselves to maximize our budget.

Dinner will be ready as soon as you arrive. Our plans are to eat and socialize, then have the drawing for the quilt raffle around 6:30, followed by the remaining game contests and raffle drawings for the next 3 hours or so.

Having these scrumptious goodies is only possible thanks to Cristy Taylor Holloway, who helped us procure a sponsor for food money and T-shirts. Thank you Cristy!

As for games, we'll probably have a few board games set up in 2-3 different places, including things like Scrabble and Rummikub, and even Joking Hazard or Cards Against Humanity, depending on the age of those in attendance. We'll also probably have a table set up for card games such as 10-point pitch or Texas Hold'em.

For video games, more importantly, we'll have a Wii U set up on our main TV for competitive Super Smash Bros U and Mario Kart 8, and for all you collection-nerds out there such as myself, a PC Engine Duo RX hooked up in my game room with some common favorites like Bomberman, Street Fighter II and Space Harrier.

We haven't settled on contests yet, either, but are thinking we'll set up a few competitive contests within the first few hours of the party, and award additional raffle tickets to competitors and winners.