2018 Strategic Summary for ShawnSchaller.com

Inspiring good fun for the Children’s Miracle Network

Mission & Vision
To channel passion for beloved pastimes into a great cause.

ShawnSchaller.com is a fundraising campaign for the Children’s Miracle Network (CMN) that launched in May 2017. It was accompanied by a 57-page research paper encouraging individuals to become charitable difference-makers via proven business principles. The distinguishing opportunity comes from channeling passions and abilities into positive, sustainable efforts.

ShawnSchaller.com became a CMN benefactor due to the nonprofit’s scope of influence and financial efficiency. This campaign raised more than $1500 for CMN in 2017.

People are more likely to support causes with which they’re familiar and individuals they trust. Based on this principle, the following primary goal of this campaign in 2018 is:

Create an environment of opportunities for which people want to give.  

The 2018 strategy features four objectives that will lead to the primary goal:

  • Generate positive sentiment among existing audiences;
  • Friendraise by interacting with audiences adjacent to existing audiences;
  • Grow credibility with audiences with consistent, quality digital content; and
  • Host relevant events that spur people to participate in exchange for donations.

The campaign’s financial goal is year-over-year growth. The 2018 goal will start at $1700.

Primary data collected for my research paper shows that my immediate audiences are more interested in images and graphics than links or calls to action. This will guide my social media efforts to friendraise and create positive sentiment. A foundation of quality digital content, including regular articles and videos, will generate additional campaign credibility and interest.

The tentative regular schedule of digital and social content is as follows:
  • Bi-weekly live talk shows on Facebook Live (then exported to Twitch and YouTube);
    • Each episode will be based on a light-hearted topic ranging from fun and games to entertainment and pop culture.
    • Episodes will feature relevant guests for topical interviews and segments.
  • Weekly articles posted to the website, and LinkedIn when appropriate;
    • Regular articles include reviews of the previous show, campaign and fundraising event updates, and perspective pieces related to hobbies, games and tech.
  • Daily social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Google+ via Hootsuite) consisting of positive, humorous or relevant graphics and updates; and
  • Misc. items posted as available, such as outreach opportunities and raw footage from show production, including unused segments and game livestreams.
A calculated physical presence is necessary for fundraising success, so I’m always brainstorming outreach and fundraising events. Fundraising events will attempt to match immediate and adjacent audiences with the opportunity to donate in exchange for an experience. Plans are in development for four fundraising events in 2018:
  • Original Rules Basketball Tournament (February, sponsored)
  • Preseason and Postseason Softball Mixers (April & September 2018)
  • 2nd Annual ThanksGaming Day party (November, sponsored)
Outreach events are a new endeavor that will attempt to grow campaign awareness and supporters. Current ideas for outreach opportunities include:
  • Visits to CMN hospitals including the KU Medical Center and the St. Francis Foundation;
  • Networking at local entrepreneurial events; and
  • Constructive interactions with successful fundraisers and digital entities.
Looking Ahead:
ShawnSchaller.com will distinguish itself by laying a strong local foundation, digitally and physically, using sustainable human and personal resources. However, digital content represents potential expansion. Current multimedia offerings are precursors to new opportunities. Sponsors for the show and website, and innovative digital fundraising events are the future of the campaign’s growth.

My ideal campaign will make others want to participate of their own accord. Prominent digital content and popular local events will be products exchanged for support. Patrons’ satisfaction and intrinsic feelings for participating will forge the best possible brand of loyalty.