The Show: '90s Toys

The first-ever episode of the Show is all about '90s Toys and features my friend Ian, as well as Battletoads & Double Dragon for the Sega Genesis.

The world doesn't need another YouTube show about toys and games, but I'm giving it one anyway. It's my goal to make this a weekly endeavor to drive traffic to I definitely had a lot of fun making this one, and am looking forward to the next.

The typical schedule would be to test the show live-live to my Facebook page sometime early in the weekend. After any necessary edits (this week I forgot to correct my donor-names slide show), I'll stream it to my Twitch Channel at a regularly scheduled time Sunday afternoon or evening. After that, I'll archive the video on YouTube and an audio-only podcast version on MixCloud.

It's all a work in progress. The Extras page should help you keep track, if you're interested.