The Show: Harry Potter (Part I)

The second official episode of the show is here! This week, my wife and I are talking about one of our favorite mutual topics. No, it's not football, but it's the next best thing; Harry Potter!

We're calling it Harry Potter Part I because we're certain to find an excuse to talk about this again at some point.

In review, I wish I could have done more with the "Quidditch coverage" piece, including field-reporter Shawn interacting with in-studio Shawn, but it turns out my skills just aren't up-to-snuff yet. Given more time, I would've also liked to dive deeper into the idea of our favorites as opposed to the critical bests (or least favorites and worsts).

Still, this installment was special as it truly is a hobby my wife and I love sharing. We look forward to exploring more shared interests in show installments in the future.


The plan for the show in coming weeks is to bring a new installment live-live to my Facebook page sometime every Thursday or Friday evening. After any necessary edits I'll stream it past-live to my Twitch Channel at a regularly scheduled time Sunday afternoon. Finally, I'll archive the video on YouTube and an audio-only podcast version on MixCloud. It's all a work in progress. The Extras page should help you keep track, if you're interested.