They Forgot the Phone Function in this Cheap Giant Phone! (Amazon Fire 7)

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"The Fire 7 is more of a toy than the real deal." "The Fire 7 is a very minor update to the 2015 7in Fire tablet." "It’s all an unsubtle attempt to put as much of Amazon’s content in front of your eyeballs, and it leaves the Fire OS interface feeling cluttered."

Basically, the Fire 7 is a high-tech Amazon ad. It's not a tablet; it's a $50-retail, oversized toy phone without phone functions. It's very disappointing... except to my wife and me.

$50 is a pittance to pay for seven inches of portable internet. I'm perfectly happy using my phone for all forms of entertainment; stretching it out and adding minor features is just gravy.
I'm much more likely to pay $50 for a phone again than upgrade to something that could also "replace" our Fire 7. Plus, I think I'd still want a tablet in my house. Not a full-powered tablet; I have a laptop (not this one, a "real" one) for those needs. This cute little almost-tablet neatly fits that void.

It's a good size for playing digital board games together, following my wife around the basement during various phases of her quilts' life cycles, and for resting on my belly to watch videos in bed. Even the Amazon-push is entertaining. We've enjoyed the light Alexa experience, trialed and gotten amusement from the Prime functions, and are hardly bothered by the non-invasive home-screen ads.

Finally, and most importantly, you probably shouldn't have to pay $50 for it. It's frequently on sale for $35 and, in my infinite cheapness, I believe that to be the perfect price for the device.

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Don't get this device if you're trying to replace the multi-functionality of a full-blown tablet or laptop, or as a cheap Christmas gift for your parents because they're not particularly tech-savvy. It will disappoint in both regards. Do get it if you use your phone a lot, and find yourself wishing you could have a bigger phone without shelling out the dough.

Good luck finding that niche of consumers, Amazon. If it makes you feel better, you found us.