Disney is Black Panther's Biggest Fan

Black Panther's launch is projected to break $400 million, and had the most successful opening of any Marvel movie not named "The Avengers." No one loves it more than Disney, who is happy to grow what is already the highest-grossing movie franchise of all time in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

The part of my brain that likes comedy wonders of which underrepresented group Hollywood will take advantage next. The part of my brain that likes movies is sincerely curious as to where Marvel/Disney will go next, because this movie is excellent for cinema in general.

Obviously most people love this movie, not just Disney. In 2017 only four movies received Rotten Tomatoes scores of 97% or more. Last year's best superhero movies, Logan and Wonder Woman, received 92% and 93% respectively. The latter is particularly fun to compare to Black Panther thanks to their protagonists' barrier-breaking success, though Black Panther seems to be performing better critically and financially.

I haven't seen it yet; please defer to my friend and movie-expert The Objective Geek for simple, concise, spoiler-free movie reviews. However, the hype and success have overcome my general lukewarm feelings toward the genre, and I look forward to seeing it... as soon as I can borrow it for free from a friend on blu-ray.