Forbes Wonders If Video Games Should Cost More (& other geek news)

THIS WEEK IN GEEK NEWS... has been quiet, but I love digging through the headline scrap-heap for gems.

Forbes wonders if
video games should be more expensive,
to keep up with inflation, then quickly counters the idea with several valid points:
  • DLC, passes, microtransactions, etc. are already additional costs;
  • Digital distribution shrinks production cost and used market; and
  • Increased costs could shrink the market during an optimal time for expansion.
I have just one comment on this article. Forbes, how dare you risk giving EA ideas?!


Video games get negative attention after the Parkland shooting.
This controversy may never die. While I personally defend video games, it's not inherently bad to see critics searching for responses to tragedies.

It's frustrating when it feels like those critics are seeking to place blame rather than find solutions. However, I sincerely doubt that all those accusers are using the incident as a platform for some ulterior motive or personal vendetta. The situation deserves sensitivity, and it's an opinion to which people are entitled.


like live, in person, and that bothers some people. It bothers me too, but I'm a hypocrite.

In the best room in my house I have a 60-inch TV, an extremely comfortable chair, additional monitors, and easy access to affordable beer, pizza and nearly any sporting event. Still, if you offer me good seats to a KU basketball game I'll buy your tickets, pay for parking, eat at a restaurant afterward and spend half a day on the affair. Given the options, 30 years ago that would've bothered people too. It should bother me today, but it doesn't, so I suppose I'll try not to judge you for watching gamers.


Finally, here's a guy who basically cross-bred a sledgehammer and an Incredible Hulk fist
Click the link; it's awesome.