Avatar: The Last Podcasters, Episode 5 "The King Of Omashu"

The 5th episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender has officially landed on our show, Avatar: The Last Podcasters! This week's episode, "The King of Omashu" was the 2nd best episode we've reviewed so far, in our opinion, second only to the pilot in what isn't exactly a fair fight. Standing on its own as an individual episode, I won't be surprised if it finds itself near my personal favorites of the entire series. It's touching, engaging and - most importantly to me - hilarious.

Thanks as always to The Objective Geek for calling over and not only offering his much-needed expertise (which I'm sorely lacking), but also putting up with my constantly changing microphone solutions that still can't make my voice less painful to hear aloud. (This is a preview to next time when I'll be trying out yet another.)