Ultimate NES Remix & Level 7 Games

Image result for nes remix 3dsAny time my wife or I travel anywhere, I make it a point to beg and plead to hit up a local video game store (something other than GameStop). I love visiting new stores, and buying something to reminisce about later. Last week she went to Denver without me, but loves me enough that she visited Level 7 Games, snapped a few pictures, and came back with the Ultimate NES Remix for the Nintendo 3DS.

The game is critically acceptable, offering tons of somewhat compelling retro game-challenge combos that also make sense. ProJared's take on it (below) is a little more critical, but still honest. For me it's a mixed bag; I love anthologies, but don't love titles built on minigames. It does have a special, hyper-efficient way of scratching a nostalgic, attention-deficit itch to play handfuls of my favorite classics for a few seconds each.

As for Level 7 Games, my wife enjoyed her admittedly short visit, and her gratefulness for a friendly staff and large, well-organized selection is validated by strong Facebook reviews. For what it's worth, even the business card is pretty high-quality. We tend to enjoy casually browsing through a wide variety of console libraries, then asking for staff opinions when we need to narrow our search; she said the experience did not disappoint.

Most importantly, thank you for buying me this game on your trip, Heather! I'm not sure how Charlie and I survived, but somehow we did so I clearly earned this. Also, watch ProJared; he's good people.