Memories of Mega Man

Image result for mega manMega Man 11 is out on every major platform and is generally receiving praise. New games aren't in the budget for me right now, but that won't stop me from enjoying the experience vicariously through others. I've listened to podcasts from Retro Warriors (some vulgar language) and The Last Podcast Network (more vulgar language) on the broader series, got text reviews of 11 from Hardcore Gaming 101 and Destructoid, another in video from The Completionist, and have generally been reminiscing nonstop about the franchise. I highly recommend it as a way to pass the time.

My earliest experience with Mega Man, like many others, was his second entry. To this day it's safely the most beloved in the series, and the only entry of the first six that I own on the NES. As a youth I remember loving every minute up to Dr. Wily's castle (where I didn't like the music, or that stupid dragon), and trying to beat various levels and bosses with a single weapon I'd pick at random. The next exposure I got to the main series wasn't until the Anniversary Collection on the PlayStation 2. Controlling the blue bomber on that system has its quirks, but at the time it was my favorite compilation game and I was ecstatic to finally play other entries in the main series.

Today when I play Mega Man, it's usually as a character in Super Smash Bros on the 3DS. Even when I'm feeling retro, I prefer a couple titles from the X series. Still, I'm ecstatic to see a new title after so many years of respectable quality... especially after that whole Mighty No. 9 thing.

Here's some media fuel to fill your week. Happy robot-blasting.