The Nerdstalgia Facebook Page

The Nerdstalgia Facebook page is live! It's a source for a smattering of recommended videos, podcasts, creators, and general digital content for all geeks (casual, serious, former, aspiring, and everything in between). Retro gaming is the main focus and adults are the intended audience, but anything fun and anyone interested are welcome!

It started as a Facebook group used simply to invite a regular circle of friends to monthly game nights at the library. I quickly learned was far to invasive and annoying to its members, as well as a little too exclusive (I don't have that many friends to invite). I switched over to a page format, and I look forward to using it as an outlet for all the stupid things I post to various social sites (with an added bonus of no longer bothering all my Facebook friends with such liberal posting).

My goal is to turn this brand into something akin to the Barstool Sports of nerdy retro stuff, complete with podcasts, videos and livestreams. (It remains to be seen if anyone would actually enjoy such things.) For now, I'm content to simply stash some guilty pleasures here, as well as the new Facebook page.

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