Avatar: The Last Podcasters LIVE!

On Thursday, July 11th, at 9:30 pm Central Time, Chris Ford (aka The Objective Geek) and I will be recording Avatar: The Last Podcasters live on Twitch! We'll see how it goes, explore whether or not we'd like to do live shows again in the future and, most importantly, we'll talk about Avatar: The Last Airbender Book 2: Earth, Episode 28 "The Search."

The video will also stream right here when the time comes. Hang out with us if you're able! If not, you can always catch us on YouTube, Spotify, Google Play, Apple Podcasts, and our extremely underappreciated podcast hosting service Podcasts.com

Watch live video from NerdstalgiaS on www.twitch.tv
We'd love to get your feedback on the idea and the end result; let us know what you think!
Chris Ford: @objective_geek
Shawn Schaller: @ShawnSchaller