Avatar: The Last Airbender (Nintendo GameBoy Advance, 2006) Review, & DaVinci Resolve Updates

Today I published a video on my friend's YouTube channel containing my review of "Avatar: The Last Airbender" video game for the Nintendo GameBoy Advance (2006). More importantly, I think I've finally identified how to use the bare-bones/absolutely basic functions of DaVinci Resolve, the video editor to which I've recently changed. Neither the game nor my video editing skills are worth bragging about, and yet I was happier with both experiences than I might have guessed.

My goal for this video - and for my video editing skills in general - is to be good enough that my friend voluntarily asks me to make the occasional YouTube video for him in the future. He has a great channel I enjoy supporting and, while I absolutely lack the chops and drive to sustain any personal YouTube growth, I find it gratifying to create content for him where it's more visible. As I've previously noted and validated further with this creation, I believe DaVinci Resolve is the right tool for such; it has about 500% more features and abilities than I actually use, but it's still the best platform I've found even for the basics (at least after the initial setup/configuration hump).

As for the game itself, I wouldn't exactly recommend it in most cases, but I'll say at a minimum that it absolutely does not suck. It's a decent, cheap way to get more Avatar, and there aren't many other good choices for such in the video game medium.