Learning A Great Free Video Editor, And A Rubber-Squeezy Compressed-Air Alternative

I don't do a ton of video editing, but sometimes I'm in the mood to produce something short, simple and crisp. I've tried several other free editors to varying degrees of success - Filmora, VSDC, Shotcut, Movie Maker and so on - but none of them do the basic things I want as well as DaVinci Resolve by BlackMagic Design.

The beautiful thing is that, as I learn and expand my editing horizons, DaVinci will be waiting. Even the free non-premium version of DaVinci is nearly as robust as popular paid software competitors! This is the root cause of a couple negatives - the experience can feel a little intimidating, and it's demanding on your computer hardware - but it comes nowhere near invalidating the positives. If you get through the initial learning curve - something required for any new editing software, really - you'll find a complete, simple video editor that can handle nearly any task.

I started with the free version of DaVinci very recently - I downloaded yesterday, in fact - and I put it to the test (and started familiarizing myself with it) by making a pair of short YouTube videos. I'm happy to guarantee that any shortcomings you see in the video are a product of my own skills and equipment (or lack thereof), and I had a fun time learning to use this software.

Click here for the audio-only/podcast version.