YouTube Shorts: Top 5 Games I'd Keep & S-Racer Gaming Chair Review

I don't have the patience, creativity, or (most importantly) skill to make typical-quality YouTube videos. Recently, though, I've still had the creative itch, in no small part because I'm having so much fun learning to use DaVince Resolve (a free video editing software from BlackMagic Design). To avoid burnout while still teaching myself basic software functions, last week I made a couple short YouTube videos related (naturally) to my favorite topic: video games.

First I reviewed my new gaming chair, which I coincidentally use primarily as my work-from-home office chair (below), in an effort to learn to use transitions. Then, in a topic inspired by the current COVID-19 pandemic and associated product shortages, I discussed what five games I would keep if I were forced to sell my entire video game collection (above), in which I dug deeper into associated transition effects, while also trying to improve my mic placement/audio quality and my intro clip.

I feel satisfied with both efforts, in large part because of the useful lessons-learned within the software, but also because I've enjoyed the parody-lite nature of the videos themselves. During the current stay-at-home measures, I feel that there's been a strong uptick in the number of YouTube videos being produced (particularly within my preferred video gaming content area). I've found it enjoyable to both participate in and respond to the phenomenon with these short videos that are scarcely videos at all. (But maybe I also don't actually understand what "parody" means.)