Atari 7800 Composite A/V Mod

I'm skeptical of permanent hardware mods to old video game consoles. I like playing things in their original states, and dislike the associated risk. However, I also like Atari 2600 and 7800 games, and want to be able to play them more clearly and conveniently without throwing my back out while moving the TV to hook up my 7800. Ultimately, the low cost, simplicity, and potential reversibility of the 7800 composite video mod won me over, so I gave it a shot.

In short, I'm glad I did it. The process went well, offered a great learning experience for me as a soldering/modding/electronics amateur (it was fun to attempt to mentally parse the function of each new component added), and I've already played more 2600/7800 games in the past two days since completion that I had in multiple months prior. I recommend it to any interested parties with an Atari 7800 console and a little soldering experience, or even just an Atari 2600 console (the mod for which is very similar).

After fairly extensive research, here are the kit, instructions, and general demonstration I personally used and thoroughly recommend: