Learn Python 2 (Codeacademy) Completed

Today I completed "Learn Python 2," a free program by Codeacademy comprised of approximately 25 hours of introductory coursework concerning the Python programming language. It's extremely convenient, offers a wide scope of foundational tools and knowledge, and makes me feel - though I'm still wildly unpracticed and unpolished - as though I understand the basic functions at the foundation of other complex programs. In short, I would highly recommend this great, free, convenient program, with only a few caveats.

Codeacademy uses a proprietary means of pairing its lessons with an in-browser module. It's wildly convenient, and is a massive contributor to the positive overall experience. However, it also leads me to a few suggestions:

  1. Pair this Codeacademy program with some other form of practical experience and training. You'll need something teach you how to use the IDLE Python software itself (and also compensation for the minor differences between Python 2 as taught, and Python 3 which you'll actually download and use).
  2. Don't be afraid to view the solution, but then delete it and force yourself to re-enter it. Sometimes it's difficult to tell exactly what the Codeacademy software is expecting of you, or the language is somewhat unclear. When it happens, you can view the solution and still obtain the benefit and practice of the lesson.
  3. Sometimes the pace and difficulty curve seems to leap erratically from lesson-to-lesson. It feels intimidating, but ultimately most lessons are rehashed in succeeding courses, and it's easy enough to navigate back to things you don't remember well.
  4. Prepare yourself to be bombarded with adds and confusing attempts to talk you into the paid "Pro" membership.
So, as with many of my ventures to this point, Codeacademy's Python 2 program (or any of the free offerings) is not perfect, but is a tremendous free offering that, as a bonus, is extremely convenient. Now that I've finished, here's what I'm adding to my curriculum vitae page.

Learn Python 2: Codeacademy (June 2020)
  • 25-plus hour self-paced program containing multiple courses and mini-projects
  • Thorough foundational introduction to the Python programming language
  • Paired with practical use and experimentation in Python software (IDLE) outside of course scope