Teach Your Kids to Code: A Parent-Friendly Guide to Python Programming - Completed

I've narrowed my Python-learning process down to two sources:

  1. The Python Programmer's complete YouTube Python course, whose clear-and-concise videos are great for learning and practicing Python elements, one-at-a-time, while sitting and working at my desktop computer; and
  2. Teach Your Kids To Code, a No Starch Press production intended to teach basic Python in a somewhat concurrent parent-and-child fashion, that likewise intends to coexist with a computer but also functions nicely for reading and learning via ebook on the go.
I recently finished the latter, was moderately satisfied with the experience, and wanted to both track my progress and offer a very quick review here. This book by-and-large achieves what it sends out to do, and I highly recommend it for young python beginners (or parents thereof).