Sega Games on the Nintendo Wii (and Testing the Camtasia Free Trial)


I have a quick disclaimer! This week I decided to switch back to using Camtasia software, which is less like a traditional video editor, and more of multi-purpose video-capture/-editor/-course-creation software (like Articulate/iSpring/etc.). I've used it some before, but wanted a refresher, so I downloaded the 30-day free trial (because the full version is very pricey). The end result is a video of which I'm otherwise very proud being marred across the middle by that hideous TechSmith watermark. I hope that doesn't completely ruin the experience for you, and in the future perhaps I'll have access to a full/legitimate version.

Anyway, let's talk about cheap, physical Nintendo Wii games developed and/or produced by Sega that don't suck! ...mostly...

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