The $100 GameCube Collection


First and foremost, thanks to my friend Ian for editing this video! He went out of his way to gather footage and piece everything together, and I sincerely appreciate it! Thanks dude! If you want to tell Ian to hang out with me more, holler at him on Twitter @Ian_Hartford.

Anyway, Nintendo GameCube games have spiked in price of late. I'm an uneducated schmuck who was not an early adopter of the system, so I called my friend Ian who is somewhat more familiar with its offerings. We each used an imaginary budget of $100 to build our ideal set of GameCube games (loose-disc prices per, then jumped on this video chat to compare notes. Naturally the exercise was less about crafting a perfect list, and honestly just an excuse to discuss cheap physical GameCube games (that we think don't suck). I'm really glad Ian was interested in joining the discussion as I took several great ideas away from his list with which I wasn't familiar. I definitely think we'll other videos similar to this in the future.