Team Avatar Halloween Costumes


Happy Halloween from Avatar: The Last Podcasters! To celebrate, we discussed what halloween costumes (from our universe/reality) might be worn by each member of Team Avatar in both Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend Of Korra, followed by an additional full-group costume idea at the end!

Also (just like one more week of begging), please check out Shawn's fundraiser event for Harvester's and consider contributing by buying some raffle tickets (venmo @Shawn-Schaller)! It's a great cause (they feed tons of hungry families), and there are several pretty cool prizes!

As always, you can get the audio-only version of the episode on iTunes/Google Play/Spotify/Stitcher/Amazon, or via our stellar podcast host at, and we even livestream our recordings (usually two episodes, back-to-back, on alternating weeks) on Twitch! For more information on all that stuff, check out the official Avatar: The Last Podcasters page. If you're so inclined, please leave a review on your podcast aggregator of choice; it really helps the show, and we'd be very grateful!

Chris: @objective_geek 

Shawn: @ShawnSchaller,


Instagram/Twitter: @last_podcasters.


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