PokéMalarkey is an intermittent show I co-host with my good friend Jesse Lobbs so that we could both relive our nostalgic childhood memories and (eventually) catch up on what we've missed. We watch Pokémon episodes, one-at-a-time in chronological order, offering our (often cynical, sometimes vulgar) insights and reactions. We also mix in parallel/appropriate segments of the manga and video games that we're taking in at the same time. Maybe most importantly, the show features guests nearly every week to help break things up, because we both know we can be a little #extra. We record and stream live free 40-minute-limit version of zoom, so we hope you don't hate raw, unedited footage. If you're a fan of the games, show, manga, or massive multimedia Pokémon universe in general, we'd love to have you check it out!

The Official 'PokéMalarkey' Playlist (YouTube)

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  • YouTube: bi-weekly, typically Saturday morning ~9:00 am CT
  • Audio-only on iTunes/Google Play/Spotify/Stitcher/Amazon Music: bi-weekly, typically Friday evening ~10:00 pm CT
  • Podcasts.com (our solid, free podcast-host that feeds all the audio-only players above): every Friday evening, ~ 11:00 pm CT

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