Fishing Master (Nintendo Wii) Review & Rating

I saw Fishing Master at a garage sale for a dollar and thought, "Wouldn't it be hilarious if I reviewed this garbage game? Or even better, what if it actually turned out to be good!?"

Well, it's neither, just super uninteresting. This 2007 Hudson Nintendo Wii game is basically a decent fishing minigame stretched into a full title.

The fishing action is like a series of quicktime events, and aesthetically it's the store-brand cereal of Wii shovelware. But it does work, it vaguely resembles "charming," and has collectible-and-upgrade-type stuff that might... reel you in *rimshot* ...but not really me since I have, you know, better games?

I bet it does entertain the right audience, and that's awesome. Unfortunately for me its at a crossroads of not literal garbage and too cheap to sell, making it the perfect candidate to waste away on my shelf forever, completely neglected and forgotten, right between my Wii fitness and just dance games.

2 Stars