3 Nintendo Switch Games That Are Better Than They Seem (Cheap Physical Games, Of Course)

Cheap, weird premises, dumb or downright bad-looking at face value, and yet these are my 3 Personal Favorite Cheap Physical Nintendo Switch Games That Are Better Than They Seem at first glance.
Cat Quest + Cat Quest II Pawsome Pack, which I've already talked about, so as a bonus, PQube's other unrelated cute-animal action adventure RPG, Kitaria Fables is not quite as good, but a little cheaper.

Yoku's Island Express, it's not here because I don't have the case, it's here because somehow it's an open-world pinball-platformer about a bug, and it's really good.

All-Star Fruit Racing is the inspiration for this video, if it ran a little better on the Switch, it might be the console's second-best kart racer for its unique weapon mechanics that I really appreciate. 

It's like Wreck-It Ralph - Sugar Rush: The Game, but without Sarah Silverman or Seth Rogan... I have no idea if that's good or bad.