Top 3 Cheap Nintendo Switch Exclusives

I love that it has so much multi-platform stuff, but sometimes I want my Switch to feel special... but on a budget. Dinner-date special, not jewelry special. So here are my Top 3 Cheap Physical Games Exclusive To The Nintendo Switch.

Honorable Mention: Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle and Game Builder Garage are both very cheap, unique exclusives that deserve a note, and I've already talked about before.

#3. Snipperclips: Cut It Out Together is a charming co-op puzzler that could only come from Nintendo.

#2. Cruis'n Blast is a great arcade-racing experience that's great in short spurts and 4-player compatible.

#1. Monster Hunter Generations Ultimate, I like the user-friendlier Rise, but many savvier M-H veterans prefer this big, stellar, Switch-exclusive expansion on the 3DS original.

Who's my special wittle snipperclips machine! *pandering to the Switch*