Top 3 Cheap Physical Nintendo Switch Games - $15 Edition

I'm awful at video games, but I like seeing them on the shelf.

Kind of like a collector, except that I'm also a huge cheapskate.

And at that bewildering intersection, you'll find my Top 3 Favorite Cheap Physical Nintendo Switch Games, the 15-dollars C-I-B edition.

#3: Risk of Rain 2, which also includes the original, are a third-person shooter and 2D action-platformer respectively, that scream "indie" stylistically, adding a little budget bohemian diversity to my shelf.

#2: Mario + Rabbids Ultimate Kingdom Battle is the most obvious choice possible. Nintendo characters in a high-rated quirky crossover launch title, I don't even like turn-based strategy but I think it might actually be illegal to have a Switch collection without this game.

#1: Immortals: Fenyx Rising, people call it "bargain bin Breath of the Wild" like that's a bad thing? I'd be stoked to reach into a pile of Sushi Strikers and NBA 2Ks to pull out solid action-adventure with slightly more idiot-friendly puzzle elements. It's not sexy exclusive or indie, but honestly the recommendation persists across consoles, it's definitely worth it's price tag.

Thanks for reading! Come back later to see me pretend Switch things I already own are actually cool!