Top 3 Nintendo Switch Games I've Never Played (But Already Own)

The Switch has tons of great games I've never played. I cheap with my time and my money, no shame there...

Except when I already own them. Literally right back there. Highly acclaimed games. While I've just been replaying Skyrim on 6 different consoles for the past decade.

Anyway, here are those Top 3 Best Nintendo Switch Games On My Shelf That I've Never Played. 

#3: Fire Emblem 3 Houses has great reviews, but I don't like tactical RPGs or dating sims, so it'll sit on my shelf for years until I inevitably open it to try for 5 minutes before losing interest.

#2: Steamworld Dig 2 is a beloved metroidvania that came out in 2017, then to my shelf in 2020, and finally into my Switch so far never. But I like the genre and aesthetic, I'd probably legitimately enjoy it.

#1: Hades, yes, revoke my already dubious "gamer" credentials. The narrative seems engaging, the roguelike hacking-and-slashing looks stellar, and I've had it since 2020 when it racked up more awards than Peter Molyneux's games in his own dreams. I have no excuse for not having tried this yet...

But I just can't while the emperor of Skyrim is still alive! Long live the dark brotherhood.