BEST Game So Far? Gris | Rating EVERY Nintendo Switch Game by Collectability part 11

Get-able: +

Playable: +

Special(able): o

Collectable: ★★★★★ | A-

Today I'm cataloging Gris, an aesthetically-simple-but-fetching puzzle-ey adventure-ey platformer. It's really good and unique, and my whole purpose today is to tell you there's a standard release that goes on sale sometimes. I struggled for 10 minutes with an analogy between good chicken restaurants depending on great sauce, and good Switch collections needing unexpected third-party gems, but I couldn't piece it together (chicken strip pun intendered...). You get the point, A-minus, 5 stars, and yes it's early but this is indeed the best game I've logged so far, for collecting and playing.