LEAST Collectable Game? World of Simulators | Rating Every Nintendo Switch Game by Collecability Part 14

World of Simulators

Get-able: o

Playable: -

Special(able): -

Collectable: ☆ | F+

I bought World of Simulators thinking three harmless Maximum Games sims - of Farming Simulator fame - in one package was a win because a good compilation (my favorite thing in gaming) adds value and interest. Unfortunately a bad compilation adds garbage, reviews suggest all three inclusions are unattractive, poor-playing efforts in an already precarious genre, and they're not from Maximum Games but UIG. I was suckered in like a clueless relative buying a knockoff NES Classic from Temu as a Christmas gift. F+, 1 star, and because the price tag is higher than free I'm not opening it and it unexpectedly beats Martian Panic for the least collectable game I've covered so far.