Martian Panic | Rating EVERY Nintendo Switch Game for Collectability Part 3


Get-able: +

Playable: -

Special(able): -

Collectable: ★☆☆☆☆

I've actually updated this since I made the video to downgrade its score to a 1-star after having reviewed more games to create a relatively steadier frame-of-reference.

The internet tells me that Martian Panic is horrible to play. I don't need to open a Switch "lightgun" game from shovelware dealers to know that. But what this series asks is, should it be in your collection? Yes, if you collect with zero discretion, or you literally are a bargain bin in a dollar store. I recommend you just skip it, but if you insist, at least look for the also-inexpensive blaster-accessory bundle so you can use the blaster as a bookend. It's an inoffensive 1-out-of-5, F+ homework that lazily stumbles past "almost had an idea" line and into "wasting your teacher's time" territory.