Diablo III: Eternal Collection | Rating EVERY Nintendo Switch game by collectability part 15

Diablo III: Eternal Collection

Dev/Pub (Date): Blizzard Entertainment (November 2, 2018)

Get-able: +

Playable: +

Special(able): o

Collectable: ☆ | F+

Happy Diablo IV day to all day-one players! It got me thinking about Diablo III, a game with a botched launch but that was nicely polished by the time the Eternal Collection reached the Nintendo Switch. It's a good version of a good game that's great to have portable and not terribly expensive. I know it's not perfect, and certainly not many Diablo fans' favorite, but Diablo III was my first (on PlayStation 3) and has since become one of my most-played Switch games. B+, 4 stars.