RAREST Switch Game I Own! Little Nightmares I & II (PAL) | Rating EVERY Nintendo Switch Game by Collectability part 22

Little Nightmares I & II (PAL)

Get-able: -

Playable: +

Special(able): o

Collectable: ★★★☆☆ | C+

PAL import Little Nightmares I & II combo pack might be the rarest Switch game I own (not most expensive, just least common). As an unusual-but-good compilation, it speaks to me, and I love having a few things like this on my shelves. It's perfect seasoning that makes a good filet mignon collection uniquely delicious. The first of these two fun little horror-themed puzzle-platformers is download only and requires a PAL eShop account, so I tried it via Steam for like 8 bucks, and it's cheap on consoles too. I don't widely recommend owning rare PAL imports (or regularly buying filet mingon), but if you're the type who thinks of your Switch games as a collection, you should consider it. C-plus, 3 stars.