What Makes a SPECIAL Game? Rocket League | Rating EVERY Nintendo Switch Game by Collectability part 26

Rocket League

Get-able: o

Playable: +

Special(able): +

Collectable: ☆ | B

I know my rating system - a stupid-basic lens of getable, playable, and special - is basically subjective garbage. The last one is particularly abstract trash, and makes me suggest stuff like Rocket League, a physical sports game you can play digitally for free. It's a fun car-soccer game, the Collector's Edition slightly pricier than I like, but I care about it because it's so intrinsic, so important to late 20-teens gaming. Super accessible, predominantly online, cross-play enabled, wildly popular, it's equal parts game and gaming phenomenon. B, 4 stars. But it's not as phenomenal as you.