Random Nintendo Switch Grab Bag Lightning Round | Rating EVERY Nintendo Switch Game by Collectability parts 34-38

I've gotta make more cataloguing progress, so it's time for a RANDOM SWITCH GAME GRAB BAG LIGHTNING ROUND!

Hoa is a funny name and a 2D puzzle platformer with relaxing aesthetic and gameplay, low-ish on price tag and challenge. C+, 3 stars.

Penguin Wars is a cheap dodgeball-Windjammers-kinda arcade game from an old series. Amusing for a bit, but doesn't stick. C, 3stars.

I won't open Georifters because reviews tell me I have far better, cheaper co-op puzzle platformers. D, 2 stars.

The Falconeer seems like an awesome fantasy-open-world 3D aerial combat game. Gameplay reviews are mixed, but I bet there's a good audience for this game. C+, 3 stars.

Umihara Kawase BaZooKa! is a cheap arcade-action-platformer-thingy from a long franchise that seems quirky but reviews say is actually not really fun or interesting. D+, 2 stars. 

And none of them are as cool as you. 5 stars, A+.