Switch Game Rating | Rating EVERY Nintendo Switch Game by Collectability parts 39-43

I had Charlie pick today's Switch grab bag games at random, let's see if he pulled any winners!

Ever Forward is an inexpensive third person puzzle-adventure with interesting aesthetic and narrative, but I quickly found the puzzles and gameplay a little frustrating. C+, 3 stars.

Just Die Already is a silly third-person death simulator that seems stupid-crudely amusing enough to merit its low price, until you play it more than a minute. D+, 2 stars, can't win'em all Chuck.

I don't mess with horror games much but reviews suggest that, though made for VR, The Persistence is a fine, challenging space-horror for the price. C+, 3 stars.

A super-cheap, fun, Switch-exclusive arcade racer for up to 4 players? Ding-ding-ding! Jackpot, Charlie, solid choice buddy! Cruis'N Blast is a hair light on depth and content, but B+, a strong 4 stars.

Ever heard of hyper-violent fighter series Mortal Kombat? Well this is 11, a fine entry that's common but not great on Switch. Another C+, 3 stars.

And Charlie, you're an A+, 5 stars.