Buy These Sci-Fi Switch Games | Rating EVERY Nintendo Switch Game by Collectability parts 42-45

Just catalogued three games at random when Charlie pointed out that coincidentally they're all not just sci-fi themed, but also pretty good and cheap, so I ran with it!

Crosscode is a big, retro-style, well-liked action RPG that you can play on a potato-powered PC for less than 10 bucks... or on Switch. B-, 4 stars.

Star Renegades is a tactical RPG in a super catchy sci-fi setting with gameplay ideas a bit too ambitious for my brain, but I strongly support the intent. C+, 3 stars.

Nier Automata isn't perfect on the Switch, but it's a dang good port of a great action-RPG, a strong technical achievement given the hardware. B, 4 stars.

A name like Super Robot Wars 30, a tactical RPG mechamalgamation starring licensed robots from multiple franchises, what a conversation starter! Reviews say it's decent, C+, 3 stars.

Patches don't help games sit on my shelf better, but first-person action RPG Outer Worlds got one that allegedly took it from messy to a playable state of it's true form. C+, 3 stars.

And Charlie thinks you are... outer this world. *rimshot*