Zengeon | Rating EVERY Switch Game by Collectability part 51

Today we're working out our rationalization muscles! When I'm done with you, you'll be able to talk yourself into buying anything.

Like Zengeon! Listen, I saw the less-than-solid reviews before I bought it, but I also saw words like "quirky anime diablo" in those reviews, and a low price tag!

There are way too many just absolutely forgettably so-so Switch games, but I love shopping that bucket for mildly unique stuff in genres, properties or styles that appeal to me personally... at a low price.

So while Zengeon is a 3-star, C-minus physical game overall, despite the many better games in my backlog, I'll probably try it soon to see if a kinda-bad isometric roguelite action RPG can scratch my less-serious Diablo itch.

Can you feel those rationalization muscles working? Before you know it, your thinking veins are gonna be poppin' out of your forehead, brother. *mediocre-game bicep curls*