BEST Lego Game | Rating EVERY Switch Game by Collectability part 54

Lego video games are a great concept. Toys without the toys... or toys within toys. Funception. 

I can't imagine a more-powerful three-word combo than Lego, Nintendo, and Marvel. These games are like the Lebron, Wade, Bosh big three of childhood. 

Personally I like the Harry Potter collection and the Star Wars Skywalker Saga, but recently I think I've found a new favorite in Lego City Undercover. I've been sitting on this gem for years just because it didn't have some extra license crammed in it. Game Mill, take note.

Most Lego games play similarly. Fairly high quality collectathon-ey little action-platformers, or close to it. This outlier, however, is more like Grand Theft Lego, a charming little open-world action-adventure with a surprisingly compelling story. Non-Wii U versions even have split-screen co-op!

Good games with low price tags are what this process is all about. B, 4 stars.

Now give us a Lego San Andreas crossover but where you play as Lego Batman against the Loco Syndicate and also maybe Jurassic Park somehow and obviously product placement everywhere an-