Metroid Prime Remastered | Rating EVERY Switch Game by Collectability part 53

Metroid Prime Remastered got so much attention at the release, I thought preorders must've come with pinup posters of zero-suit Samus and free beer.

This Metroid-themed FPS might be one of Nintendo's most beloved series ever. And the remaster gets it right. It looks and plays great, and the reviews match.

Not all the release attention was positive though. There were complaints about the $40 price tag for a remaster, and/or that it's not the entire trilogy. But history aside, for a great regular-length game in 2023, I don't mind. However, I buy new games about as often as I voluntarily visit my dentist, so my opinion on this matter sincerely does not matter.

But this game matters. If you liked the series back then or unique adventurous FPS games now, Metroid Prime Remastered is well worth it. B, 4 stars.

And WHEN ARE THE REST OF THE PRIME GAMES COMING! *in my best batman voice*